Knicks: No Dolan Outcry

I must question my fellow Knicks fans celebrating the departure of Phil Jackson yesterday without a word of criticism about ownership. Don’t get me wrong. I understand why fans are happy with Jackson’s exit and I agree with the reasons to a certain extent. But why is there no protest about James Dolan? Last week […]

Knicks: Blame Dolan, Not Just Jackson

Phil Jackson has been taking a lot of heat as president of the New York Knicks this year. But James Dolan may be more to blame.

Go to Sacramento, Phil Jackson

There’s been alot of talk recently about the possibility of Phil Jackson becoming the next head coach of the Knicks. In reading about this over the last few weeks I have come across a recurring theme whenever anybody “close with Jackson” is quoted. The frequent refrain goes that Jackson wants to go to the team […]