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Tonight’s Pitching Matchup (7/27/2011)

Tonight’s pitching matchup between Mike Pelfrey and Bronson Arroyo: Sports Stats

Too Early For Pelfrey Trade Talk

Mike Pelfrey has had a less than stellar start to the 2011 season. In his first two starts he’s pitched 6.1 innings allowing 12 hits, 11 earned runs and 5 walks while striking out only 3 batters. His ERA is 15.63. Before the season started many said that in the likely event that the Mets […]

Big Pelf Leads Mets to First Win Streak of 2010

Dare I say the Mets are on a winning streak? I know it’s only two games but it’s the first time this season they’ve won consecutive games so I’ll take a moment to enjoy it before moving on. Okay, the moment is over. A few big performances in this game: Mike Pelfrey had another good […]

Pregame Note

Doug Davis, tonight’s scheduled starter for the Diamondbacks, has allowed just four runs in his last 19 innings pitched over his past three starts. He’ll be facing Mike Pelfrey who is making his first start since the birth of his first child who he named after the venue for tonight’s game, Chase Field.

Pitching Matchups Vs. Diamondbacks

Here are the scheduled pitching matchups for this week’s 3 game set against the Arizona Diamondbacks: Monday – Mike Pelfrey (8-7, 4.75) vs. Doug Davis (6-10, 3.67), 9:40 p.m., SNY. Tuesday – Livan Hernandez (7-6, 5.08) vs. Max Scherzer (6-6, 4.01), 9:40 p.m., SNY. Wednesday – Oliver Perez (2-3, 6.38) vs. Jon Garland (6-10, 4.33), […]

Tonight’s Lineup 7/22/2009

# Name Position 16 Angel Pagan CF 1 Luis Castillo 2B 28 Daniel Murphy 1B 5 David Wright 3B 12 Jeff Francoeur RF 19 Cory Sullivan LF 4 Angel Berroa SS 23 Brian Schneider C 34 Mike Pelfrey P    

Today’s Lineup Vs. Pirates 6/4/2009

Today’s lineup will be the same that was posted for last night’s game before the rainout. # Name Position 3 Alex Cora SS 1 Luis Castillo 2B 15 Carlos Beltran CF 10 Gary Sheffield RF 5 David Wright 3B 28 Daniel Murphy 1B 26 Fernando Martinez LF 9 Omir Santos C 34 Mike Pelfrey P […]

Tonight’s Lineup vs. Pittsburgh 6/3/2009

This is the latest lineup for tonight’s game. Original lineup had Jeremy Reed in centerfield replacing Carlos Beltran but apparently beltran is feeling well enough to play so the order has been changed to accommodate. # Name Position 3 Alex Cora SS 1 Luis Castillo 2B 15 Carlos Beltran CF 10 Gary Sheffield RF 5 […]

My Take on Last Night’s ESPN Coverage

I enter any game I watch on television with a clear mind regarding the personalities who are calling the game for the network the game is on. This even goes for games that are broadcast on ESPN despite the almost universal negative reaction fans have to the announcing team of John Miller, Joe Morgan and […]

This Weekends Starters Vs. San Francisco

Thursday – John Maine (3-2, 4.54) vs. Jonathan Sanchez (1-3, 4.78), 10:15 p.m., SNY. Friday – Livan Hernandez (3-1, 5.08) vs. Tim Lincecum (3-1, 3.25), 10:15 p.m., SNY. Saturday – Johan Santana (4-2, 0.78) vs. Randy Johnson (3-3, 5.89), 4:10 p.m., FOX. Sunday – Mike Pelfrey (4-0, 4.89) vs. Matt Cain (3-1, 2.61), 8 p.m., […]