Still No Expectations

Matthew Cerrone at Metsblog wrote a post this morning that I had intended to write. The gist of the post is that the season is fraught with challenges and losing two of three to the Yankees over the weekend presents one such challenge. That challenge is: how will this team rebound from the adversity of […]

Outfield Dimensions Are Not The Problem

Metsblog posted a story this morning about alleged internal discussion within the Mets organization regarding changing the color of the outfield wall at CitiField to the same blue color that the outfield wall at Shea Stadium had. Though I’d like to see this as well as some adjustment of the outfield dimensions (though not as […]

My Take on the Nightmare World Series

When the Yankees beat the Angels last night it set up a World Series that is a nightmare for most Mets fans: a Yankees/Phillies World Series. And it also begs the question of which team Mets fans will be rooting for. My answer? The Yankees. Being a Mets fan and a fan of the National […]

CitiField from PS3 in MLB:09 The Show

I saw this posted on Metsblog but felt the need to put it here too:

Manuel: Mets Fans Are Fertilizer

Before yesterday’s game Jerry Manuel made a comment likening Mets fans to fertilizer. I was going to write a nice post about this but then saw this one by Matthew Cerrone on Metsblog. It says exactly the same thing that I was going to say. So check it out.

Heyman: Peterson, Johnson May Be Fired With Randolph

I’ve written about my displeasure with Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson a couple of time recently. Apparently I’m not the only one feeling this way. In an article for Jon Heyman says that manager Willie Randolph may fired this weekend but possibly as early as today. Heyman’s sources say that if (when?) Randolph is […]

Cerrone Talks With Seaver

Matthew Cerrone at Metsblog lives every Mets fan’s dream. See his interview with the great Tom Seaver here.

Peterson In Trouble?

Adam Rubin of the New York Daily News wonders aloud if Rick Peterson will be fired first. The wondering begins in the last sentence of the third to last paragraph of the article. (Thanks to Matthew Cerrone at Metsblog for the tip in this post.)

Metsblog on Injury Status

I was going to post a piece about injury status but Matthew Cerrone already did over at Metsblog. Simply put there will be some roster changes for the weekend series in Arizona.

Claudio Vargas Available

The Brewers have released RHP Claudio Vargas. The Mets seem to still be in need of a fifth starter. Do we have a match? Matthew Cerrone at MetsBlog is not convinced. What do you think? Leave your comments. (Click the comments link above and to the right of this post or, if you are viewing […]