The Mets are 8.5 games out of first place.
Last updated: 09/28/2016 - 1:20 AM UTC

Wright Stache for Milledge

The Wright Stache is hopping on the bandwagon to make Lastings Milledge an All Star. Welcome aboard!

Lastings Milledge: All Star? Let’s Make It Happen!

Someone in the Sons of Sam Horn forum called Wade Boggs Hair had an interesting idea: As good citizens of NatsTown, I think we need to get as many Natinals on the All-Star team as possible. Specifically, Lastings Milledge is on the NL All-Star ballot. He needs to make the team. Nothing would be more […]

Notes From Washington

Last week I praised Aaron Heilman and the rest of the Mets bullpen. Almost immediately thereafter Heilman has come unglued again. Last night was the latest display of ineffectiveness when Heilman gave up 3 hits, 2 earned runs 1/3 of an inning. I think it’s about time they made a move with him. They probably […]

Milledge Disses Mets

Adam Rubin writes about Lastings Milledge in today’s New York Daily News. Milledge is a highly talented player but has a problem fitting in. Though he matured a bit last year his performance on the field was lackluster enough to knock down his trade value and convince the Mets to cut their losses by trading […]

Church In Santana Package?

The rumor out of Boston, courtesy of this article in the Boston Herald, has Ryan Church being included in the package the Mets are offering the Twins for Johan Santana. This is an interesting development and helps explain the Lastings Milledge trade. It was widely known that Milledge’s trade value had gone down and that […]

Endy Hurts Other Hammy

It’s mid January. We’re heading down the home stretch of the off season with spring training starting next month. It’s been pretty much a quiet off season with the exception of the Lastings Milledge trade. From here on out we’ll start hearing about things that may or may not have ramifications on spring training. Look, […]

More Pitching Updates

The Mets will reportedly need to give up John Maine if they hope to land Oakland’s Dan Haren. It also seems that no longer having Lastings Milledge as a bargaining chip may hurt the Mets run at Haren. Livan Hernandez remains a possibility if the Mets fail to land Johan Santana, Haren or Erik Bedard. […]

Minaya Defends Milledge Trade

Omar Minaya on the trade that sent Lastings Milledge to the Washington Nationals for outfielder Ryan Church and catcher Brian Schneider: Before we made this trade, we checked around with some of the teams and said, ‘Will this compromise or hurt the possibility of getting the trades done with the players we’re talking about? They […]

Milledge Traded?

News is breaking as I type this that the Mets have traded outfielder Lastings Milledge to the Washington Nationals for outfielder Ryan Church and catcher Brian Schneider. David Lennon at Newsday is reporting this as if it’s a done deal. I have been growing tired of waiting for Milledge to mature and break out so […]

Minaya: Reyes Will Not Be Traded For Santana

Omar Minaya will not trade Jose Reyes for Johan Santana. And that will probably be the ultimate undoing of the Mets attempts to land the stud starting pitcher. With the loss of Torii Hunter to free agency it was previously expected that a main part of any deal for Santana would have to be outfield […]