The Mets are 8.0 games out of first place.
Last updated: 09/30/2016 - 1:04 AM UTC

Rex Ryan’s Learning Experience

The collapse of this season’s Jets finds it’s root in last season when then Jets coach Sal Alosi tripped an opposing player on the sideline. Only two conclusions could have been drawn from that incident. Either Rex Ryan had advocated his coaches in taking cheap shots or Ryan was not as close to his staff […]

Schottenheimer Out, Sanchez Still In

There’s been a lot of talk about Mark Sanchez since the Jets season ended. Some bad, some supportive but very little actual good. Most of the talk is finger pointing by current (some anonymous, some not) and former teammates. I admit that I haven’t read all of what’s been said (it’s a very sad situation […]

Don’t Judge Stevie Johnson’s Touchdown Dance

Stevie Johnson‘s touchdown celebration was in poor taste. But so what? Most player celebrations are in poor taste. After scoring a touchdown against the Jets yesterday Johnson celebrated by mimicking Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the thigh and mocking Santonio Holmes‘ Jet celebration (he crashed his Jet). I’ve never been a fan of touchdown dances […]

Return of the JET-I

This could be the best New York Post cover ever marrying Star Wars with this week’s showdown between the New York Jets and New England Patriots. They even incorporated Michelle Ryan, wife of Jets head coach Rex, as Princess Leia and Joe Namath as Yoda.

Jets Twitter List

In preparation for tonight’s premiere of Hard Knocks I created a Twitter list of all Jets players on Twitter. The Jets players Twitter list lists all 17 players. Follow the list to follow them all or click the players name below to visit their Twitter feed: Nick Mangold Dustin Keller David Clowney Santonio Holmes Braylon […]

About Yankees Fans

I got into a mild argument the other day with a relative who is a football Giants fan. The argument was centered a round a comment he made when I mentioned how upset I was on Sunday night when the Jets-Bills game went on so long that my DVR stopped recording before the game was […]

Come On Manuel, Light Their Fire

I was looking through some of the Philadelphia papers this morning to see what the Philly sports writer’s there are saying about the Mets. I was actually surprised to see considerably less venom than anticipated. In fact, aside from a John Gonzalez column in the Philadelphia Inquirer, there was no derision at all. So much […]

Favre To Retire

Brett Favre has informed the Jets that he will retire. I was not incredibly impressed with Favre in his one season with the team. I wasn’t surprised by how many interceptions he threw (you expect him to throw a bunch of interceptions) but was very surprised at how many of them were on bad passes. […]

A Nation Watches As Power Changes Hands

Today is a great day in the United States. History is being made. A man is ascending to a position of great power. I’m talking, of course, about Rex Ryan, who was named head coach of the New York Jets last night. Ryan is the son of former longtime NFL defensive coordinator and head coach […]

Cowher Out, Shanahan In?

The Jets plot thickened over night last night as everyone teams first choice for filling a head coaching vacancy, Bill Cowher, took himself out of the running. The rumor is that Cowher wanted to bring in his own personnel guy. Despite general manager Mike Tannenbaum saying he would be willing to redefine his job to […]