Francoeur: Poor David Wright

Jeff Francoeur‘s been quoted in several news outlets as saying that he feels bad for right handed hitters in general and David Wright specifically who have to play at CitiField. The main target of his derision, not surprisingly, is the deep right center field wall and tall wall along left field. “I’m not saying to […]

Francoeur Makes A Joke

Rustin Dodd, who writes for The Kansas City Star and on their Royals blog, Ball Star, reported the following quote from former Met Jeff Francoeur: Citi Field is a damn joke. Despite his offensive struggles I liked Frenchy as a Met and wish him the best in his new home in Kansas City. However I […]

Reason For Optimism, Thinking Of Doom

Winning 2 games out of 3 against the Yankees could be a big deal for the Mets. A series win against the world champions is certainly a shot in the arm going into a series against the runner up and NL East division rival Philadelphia Phillies. If nothing else it has bought Jerry Manuel at […]

When Things Start Bad

We’re only 6 games into the season so it’s a little early to get too negative. But losing 4 out of 6 (including 2 of 3 from the lowly Washington Nationals) is not the way you want to start the season. So why am I so down on the Mets already? A few reason: Sean […]

Delcos on Francoeur

I’ve always been a Jeff Francoeur fan and thought the Mets made a good deal when they acquired him for Ryan Church last year. Still, I realize that Francoeur’s career could hinge on his production this season. So does John Delcos on his New York Mets Report blog. You can read Delcos’ post here.

My Thoughts On Bay Signing

Upon hearing the news that the Mets signed Jason Bay yesterday a friend of mine, who coincidentally is a Phillie fan, asked me via Facebook what my thoughts of Bay as a Met are. My response was as follows: I think the fourth year wasn’t necessary. He’s a good player and definitely adds some pop […]

Today’s Lineup Vs. Diamondbacks (8/12/2009)

19 Cory Sullivan CF 3 Alex Cora 2b 5 David Wright 3B 10 Gary Sheffield RF 12 Jeff Francoeur RF 17 Fernando Tatis 1B 9 Omir Santos C 11 Anderson Hernandez SS 46 Oliver Perez P    

Tonight’s Lineup 7/22/2009

# Name Position 16 Angel Pagan CF 1 Luis Castillo 2B 28 Daniel Murphy 1B 5 David Wright 3B 12 Jeff Francoeur RF 19 Cory Sullivan LF 4 Angel Berroa SS 23 Brian Schneider C 34 Mike Pelfrey P    

Catching Up

Other events in my life have conspired to keep me from posting lately so here are some miscellaneous thoughts from the last week or so.: Ryan Church Traded for Jeff Francoeur – When I first heard about this trade it sounded mostly like a trade made for the sake of making a trade. Now that […]