Knicks: Blame Dolan, Not Just Jackson

Phil Jackson has been taking a lot of heat as president of the New York Knicks this year. But James Dolan may be more to blame.

Jail Isiah

Reader Michael A. Ball sent This link. Here’s an excerpt: Not a single player remains from the roster Isiah Thomas inherited on December 22nd, 2003. So, after a staggering number of transactions, what remains of the Knicks? There’s a league high $125 million payroll – versus an $83 million payroll when Isiah took over, six […]

Francis Gets Some Clothes

Not much going on in Mets now so I figured I’d write another Knicks post. The New York Post featured some scathing reports on the Knicks today following new star guard Steve Francis‘s embarrasing situation yesterday.

Isiah Thomas’ Knicks Days Numbered?

When Isiah Thomas was hired by the Knicks to be their President and General Manager he had a plan. The plan was to get under the cap as soon as possible. That meant trading veterans for draft picks, letting big contracts expire, etc. When he violated this plan

Larry Freakin’ Brown

The latest rumors sound a lot more serious and an announcement appears imminent so it’s time I sounded off about the Larry Brown to the Knicks situation. My feelings here are not that complex and can probably be summed up in one word: history. History as in Pat Riley. When Riley took over the Knicks […]