Knicks: No Dolan Outcry

I must question my fellow Knicks fans celebrating the departure of Phil Jackson yesterday without a word of criticism about ownership. Don’t get me wrong. I understand why fans are happy with Jackson’s exit and I agree with the reasons to a certain extent. But why is there no protest about James Dolan? Last week […]

Wilpon Has Lost His Marbles

There was a time when I really liked Fred Wilpon. And in the last few years, as his popularity as Mets owner has waned, I still comforted myself with the fact that he was smart and had a passion for baseball and managing a baseball team despite what seemed like a dwindling sense of reality. […]

Alderson Hired As Mets GM

Though it hasn’t been made official the rumor mill has it that the Mets have hired Sandy Alderson to replace Omar Minaya as the team’s new general manager. Alderson gives the Mets instant credibility with a World Series championship under his belt and the respect of other general managers around the league. (I just hope […]

The Sun’ll Come Out Minaya!

I’m amazed at how few words had to be changed to make this work. Here’s a Fred Wilpon inspired version of the song Tomorrow from the Broadway show Annie: The sun’ll come out Minaya! Bet your bottom dollar That tomorrow There’ll be sun! Just thinkin’ about Minaya! Clears away the cobwebs, And the sorrow ‘Til […]

Fred Wilpon Is An Ass

Fred Wilpon is an ass. When asked today if Omar Minaya will be the Mets GM next season Wilpon responded “Is the sun going to come up tomorrow?”. Oh, he’s not an ass for keeping Minaya as GM (or maybe he is, but that’s a different rant). It’s the way he answered the question. While […]

Fading Fast

I disappear for the week and the Mets lead in the NL East disappears too. Crazy how that works. The Mets fell half a game behind the Phillies last night after losing three of their last four games. As most Mets fans, I’m having flashbacks to last year. They lost their grip at exactly the […]

Queens is Burning

What a crazy day yesterday was. Rick Down was fired as hitting coach. Rickey Henderson was added to the coaching staff but to an unannounced position. He may be hitting coach but so may Howard Johnson who filled the duty last night as Henderson couldn’t get to New York from Oakland in time for the […]

New Stadium Proposal Coming

According to a report in today’s Daily News Mets owner Fred Wilpon is ready to make another official proposal for a new stadium. This is an updated version of the Ebbets Field replica idea