The Mets are 7.5 games out of first place.
Last updated: 09/29/2016 - 1:23 AM UTC

Bullpen Stronger, Leadoff Still Weak

The Mets made a flurry of moves last night in the aftermath of Jose Reyes‘s departure. The truth is that these are moves that would likely have been made anyway but as Mets fans the Reyes parting is the watershed event of this offseason. Everything the Mets do now will be compared (by most, anyway) […]

Missing Playoffs Is Not A Big Deal In 2011

Every publication (print and electronic) that covers the Mets has a mention of the fact that the team was mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yesterday. I’m trying to figure out why this is so noteworthy. Coming into the season the goal of this year was to rebuild. Shed some big contracts, develop some younger talent […]

KRods Option Will Kick In, Get Over It

Last night manager Terry Collins used Francisco Rodriguez in the 8th inning of a loss to the Phillies. The second guessing began almost immediately. Why use your closer in a non-save situation? Why waste an appearance that could have contractual ramifications? (KRod has a $17.5 million option that kicks in if he makes 55 appearances.) […]

Stupid Is As KRod Does

Earlier this season Philadelphia Phillies relief pitcher Ryan Madson committed one of the stupidest acts a professional athlete can commit. After blowing a save in the 10th inning of a game against the San Francisco Giants Madson threw a temper tantrum during which he kicked a chair. Proving that the chair is mightier than the […]

Be Patient, A Big Move Will Come

It’s been a long offseason for Mets fans as the team has not yet made a major move. If my Twitter feed is any indication it looks like Mets fans are getting increasingly antsy as they wait for Omar Minaya to pull the trigger on a big deal. It’s times like these that I feel […]

Lost Weekend

I spent most of the weekend with a family commitment and attended a wedding last night. (Funny that the wedding hall had a view of CitiField.) All this kept me from experiencing anything Mets through this weekends subway series at CitiField until late last night. I started watching last night’s game just in time to […]

Bruney’s Comment Out Of Line

“He’s got a tired act. I think that’s bad, but two years ago, when he lost the game… I don’t know if anybody saw it, I did. He was in Oakland and he was pitching for Anaheim, didn’t get a call, and so he was like complaining…The catcher threw it back and he just kind […]

KRod Celebrates A Save

Watch as Francisco Rodriguez celebrates today’s save. Note the bow he exchanges with pitching coach Dan Warthen at the 25 second mark.

Putz Breaks Our Hearts For The First Time

Last night was the first opportunity I had to watch a game from start to finish. And an interesting game it was. Oliver Perez sucked. Even before the 5th inning explosion that knocked him out of the game Perez did not have very good stuff. I don’t care how many times Gary Cohen says he […]

Mets Win Opener

Opening day was a success for the Mets. The story people are making the biggest deal about is the bullpen. Sean Green, J.J. Putz and Francisco Rodriguez did a great job after starter Johan Santana left the game with 2 outs in the 6th inning. The thing to remember is that this is one game […]