Mets Rotation Inexperienced

An important thing to remember with regard to the Mets starting pitching heading into the 2016 season: this rotation is still very inexperienced on the Major league level. Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler both pitched parts of 2 seasons (albeit large parts) before succumbing to Tommy John surgery. Harvey is only one season into his […]

Many Open Questions

With spring training starting this week it’s time to to ask some questions that the Mets will be facing this season. Here are some I came up with. Feel free to leave your own in the comments. Top of the rotation – This is what Mets fans have been dreaming of all off season. Johan […]

Minaya In Denial?

The following quotes were attributed to Mets GM Omar Minaya yesterday: If there’s front line starting pitching out there, we are going to have dialogue with those teams. That beings said, we are going to talk to clubs. Deals don’t have to happen here. A lot of times conversations are going. I remember when I […]

Rubin: Mets Could Get Colón

In yesterday’s New York Daily News Roger Rubin suggests the Mets may sign Bartolo Colon. Angels assistant GM Ken Forsch has said that the Los Angeles Angels will not offer Colon salary arbitration and let him become a free agent. He could be had relatively cheap and may be worth a try considering the Mets […]