Rubin: Why Keep Minaya?

Adam Rubin of ESPNNewYork made a point this morning (through his Twitter account) against keeping former general manager Omar Minaya in the Mets organization. I must say that I agree. Can someone explain why Omar’s player-evaluation skills are so indispensable to the organization that he must be brought back in that role?less than a minute […]

And So It Begins

After David Waldstein reported in the Bats blog for the New York Times yesterday that Kelvim Escobar “felt some discomfort in his right shoulder” Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports’ HardballTalk is reporting that “Escobar isn’t even able to grip a baseball right now” and may be seriously injured. Are you kidding me? Here’s a guy […]

Bringing Down The Fence

Adam Rubin is reporting that the Mets are dropping the fence height in center field. Rubin reports in today’s New York Daily News that the second level of padding will be removed bringing the height down to 8 feet. In 2009 the fence was as high as 16 feet at it’s maximum height in front […]

Mets Preparing For Big Changes?

Lost in all the hoopla of game 1 of the World series was some news out of Mets camp. These are only rumors at this point but are expected to be announced as fact right after the series. The juicier story was reported by Jon Heyman of Heyman reports that the Mets have talked […]

Time To Fire Fighting Tony Bernazard

If ever there was a time to fire Tony Bernazard this is it. The guy rumored to have been pulling the strings behind the scenes of the ridiculous Willie Randolph firing (not that Willie shouldn’t have been fired but it obviously went down badly) has finally hit the point of no return. According to Adam […]

Freddy We Hardly Knew You

Rumor has it that the Mets have released Freddy Garcia. (I saw this blogged somewhere but don’t have a solid source yet.) After a terrible outing for Buffalo last night Garcia seemed to indicate that he may retire. His agent has denied the retirement rumor but it seems like that may not matter if no […]

Mets Intrigued By Sheffield?

Adam Rubin is reporting in the New York Daily News that the Mets may have interest in signing Gary Sheffield. The work Rubin uses is “intrigued”. Sheffield was released from the Tigers the other day. He has 1 year remaining on his contract. Whoever signs him will only have to pay the $400,00 major league […]

Peterson In Trouble?

Adam Rubin of the New York Daily News wonders aloud if Rick Peterson will be fired first. The wondering begins in the last sentence of the third to last paragraph of the article. (Thanks to Matthew Cerrone at Metsblog for the tip in this post.)

Register Waived?

Adam Rubin is reporting in his Surfing the Mets blog for the New York Daily News that the Mets have waived Steven Register. This came as a surprise to me as I thought he would make the team. It is believed that Register will be claimed by another team but if he clears waivers the […]

Plan A, Plan B, Plan C

The big topic the last few weeks has been the Mets catching situation. There’s been lots of speculation at to who will be the starting catcher for the Mets in 2008. General Manager Omar Minaya was quoted as saying “We have Plan A, Plan B, Plan C”. But what are those plans? Obviously Plan A […]