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The ARod Apology Letter

Much was made out of Alex Rodriguez‘s handwritten apology letter to Yankees fans earlier this week. Everything I read about it was negative. Many called for ARod to have done an apology press conference instead of a letter. But while a press conference would have been better do you really think it would have turned […]

Fun Again… At Least For Two Nights

I haven’t posted much this season because there really hasn’t been much to write about. Sure, if I were a professional writer I’d find what to write about but I do this for fun and not for work. But after the last two nights there is finally something fun to write about. Back to back […]

ARod: 23 Grand Slams = 23 Home Runs

A lot is made of the grand slam. It’s one of the more exciting plays in an otherwise mostly staid game. It’s the most runs you can score with one swing of the bat. And now Alex Rodriguez has more of them than almost anyone ever with the exception of Lou Gehrig, whom ARod tied […]

Baldwin vs. Krasinski

New Era did a great job on this commercial.

RIP George Steinbrenner

Who would have thought I’d write two consecutive posts about Yankee related personalities passing away? I surely didn’t. Yesterday I wrote about world class public address announcer Bob Sheppard’s death. Today it’s owner George Steinbrenner. Steinbrenner succumbed to a massive heart attack this morning. After suffering the heart attack he was rushed to the hospital […]

RIP Bob Sheppard

By now everyone who reads this already knows that Bob Sheppard, long time public address announcer at Yankee Stadium passed away yesterday. Though this is not Mets news it’s not strictly Yankees news either. It’s baseball news. To most of us who grew up in the New York area hearing Sheppard’s voice for the first […]

Neyer on ARod

Though this blog post by Rob Neyer (from his Sweet Spot blog) is about the Yankees I always find something wonderful in Neyer’s work. In this case it’s mainly in the title of the post (“Sometimes six home runs are just a cigar”).

About Yankees Fans

I got into a mild argument the other day with a relative who is a football Giants fan. The argument was centered a round a comment he made when I mentioned how upset I was on Sunday night when the Jets-Bills game went on so long that my DVR stopped recording before the game was […]

Joba’s Mom

Dosn’t Joba Chamberlain look just like his mom? Happy mother’s day, Jacqueline Standley (Joba’s mom).

ARoid Press Conference = Non Story

Today is a big day at Yankee camp. Alex Rodriguez will arrive at spring training and hold a press conference regarding last week’s report about steroids use. This is a good move on the Yankees part as it is an attempt to get all the talk of this subject out of the way as soon […]