Countdown to opening day 2018: days hrs min sec


Now Affiliated With StubHub

Some of you may have noticed that the ticket banner in the right sidebar has changed. This is because I have changed my ticket affiliation to StubHub. I made the change for several reasons but the top two are that StubHub is a more recognizable, trusted name and the the previous ticket vendor weaseled out […]


I’ve added a Twitter feed to the left sidebar for quick updates. This is good for times where I have a quick 1 liner to add but don’t feel like writing a whole post. I’ll try it for a while and see how it goes.

Mats Fans on Facebook

There’s a new Facebook application for Mets fans. If you are a Facebook user check it out.

Tech and the Washington Nationals

A recent issue of PC Magazine ran an article that involved two of my favorite things: baseball and technology. The article described how the Washington Nationals are using technology in ticket sales, especially for season ticket holders to resell tickets they’re not going to use. Pretty cool stuff.

Countdown to Opening Day

I added an opening day countdown timer at the top of the page. It’s counting down to 8:05 pm on April 1 when the Mets are scheduled to kick off the 2006 season against the Cardinals in St. Louis. For the techies out there, it’s not the first time I’ve done a countdown on this […]

Magic Number Plugin

Though I haven’t made a post to this blog in about 10 days I have still been wortking on it behind the scenes. The most noticeable feature I have implemented is the magic number counter on the top of the page. It’s something that I wanted to do for a long time but I didn’t […]

2006 MLB Schedules for the Palm & Outlook

Just in time for opening day I’m happy to inform you that the 2006 MLB Schedules for the Palm and Outlook are finally available for purchase.

More Blog Improvements

As some people may know I like to play around with various new features and techy stuff on this blog. In fact I’m sure many people think some of the things I do on here are overkill. But I’m a tinkerer by nature so I keep doing it. So in addition to the new three […]

Mostly Mets Blog Software Updated

I just completed updating the software used by this blog (WordPress) to the latest version (2.0). The upgrade should be seamless to readers as the look and feel of the blog have not been changed. However with upgrades like this there are always issues so please let me know (via the links in the Contact […]

Spam Karma 2

After 2 consecutive weekends of heavy comment spam (which caused me to install Spam Karma 2) I finally had a comment spam free weekend. None of the comment spam actually made it to the blog, by the way. I have all comments set to be moderated. But Spam Karma 2 has caught every comment spam […]