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Today’s Pitching Matchup (7/28/2011)

This afternoons’s pitching matchup between Chris Capuano and Homer Bailey: Sports Stats

Tonight’s Pitching Matchup (7/27/2011)

Tonight’s pitching matchup between Mike Pelfrey and Bronson Arroyo: Sports Stats

Tonight’s Pitching Matchup (7/26/2011)

Tonight’s pitching matchup between Jonathon Niese and Johnny Cueto: Sports Stats

Mets/Reds Stat Comparison

Here’s a short breakdown/comparison of the Mets and Reds heading into this week’s four game series: Sports Stats Here’s a comparison between tonight’s starting pitchers R.A. Dickey of the Mets and Mike Leake of the Reds. Sports Stats

The Curse of Keith Hernandez?

Marty Noble’s latest column on discusses the possibility of the curse of Keith Hernandez. The idea was posed to him by one of his readers and is based on the Mets dismal final 17 games over the past three seasons (19-32). But Hernandez denies such a curse exists. Noble backs up Hernandez in his […]

Pythagorean Baseball Revisited

With each Major League team having played over 100 games thus far this season I felt like now would be a good time to revisit the discussion on Pythagorean Method that I started in June. Back then the teams had played over 60 games. With about 40 more games upnder their belts let’s see if […]

Pythagorean Baseball

Anybody who has read this blog for a while knows that I don’t rely too heavily on stats. I’m into traditional stats and like to read about stats and sabermetrics and the like but I think people these days tend to over analyze things based on stats. So it was kind of odd for me […]