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Outfield Dimensions Are Not The Problem

Metsblog posted a story this morning about alleged internal discussion within the Mets organization regarding changing the color of the outfield wall at CitiField to the same blue color that the outfield wall at Shea Stadium had. Though I’d like to see this as well as some adjustment of the outfield dimensions (though not as […]

CitiField from PS3 in MLB:09 The Show

I saw this posted on Metsblog but felt the need to put it here too:

Shea Logo Unvelied

The Mets have unveiled a logo celebrating the 45th and final season of Shea Stadium. The logo will be used in many places including schedules and yearbooks as well as a commemorative patch to be worn on the players uniforms. In the coming weeks the Mets will announce several promotional dates revolving around Shea history.

New Stadium Proposal Coming

According to a report in today’s Daily News Mets owner Fred Wilpon is ready to make another official proposal for a new stadium. This is an updated version of the Ebbets Field replica idea