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Shea Stadium

Forever A Kid

All day yesterday I was thinking of new beginnings. Despite the doldrums the Mets are currently in I found myself looking forward to next week when pitchers and catchers report to Port St. Lucie to begin preparing for the 2012 season in earnest. Then the news came. I first saw it on Twitter as I […]

Outfield Dimensions Are Not The Problem

Metsblog posted a story this morning about alleged internal discussion within the Mets organization regarding changing the color of the outfield wall at CitiField to the same blue color that the outfield wall at Shea Stadium had. Though I’d like to see this as well as some adjustment of the outfield dimensions (though not as […]

McCartney To Play CitiField

The first concert at CitiField will be given by one of the people who performed in one of the most significant concerts given at Shea Stadium. Paul McCartney, who played She with The Beatles in 1965, will be the opening show at CitiField on July 17 and 18. Cool.

And The Walls Come Tumbling Down

Video of the last piece of Shea being torn down: Thanks for the memories.

New Pics of Shea Demolition

New pics of the Shea Stadium demolition have been posted on Thanks again to traffic reporter Tom Kaminski in Chopper 880.

Pics of Shea Demolition posted fresh pictures of the Shea Stadium demolition taken by traffic reporter Tom Kaminski in Chopper 880 this morning.