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Gary Sheffield: To DL or Not To DL?

Gary Sheffield is out for tonight’s lineup. This will be the third game in a row. Though manager Jerry Manuel says he’s trying to keep Sheffield fresh it seems obvious that his knee is bothering him. The questions remains is it worth it to keep him on the roster in the hopes he’ll get better […]

Poll: Redding or Glavine?

The Braves unceremoniously released Tom Glavine yesterday after he made a good rehab start. The move seemed odd when it was first announced but made more sense when the Braves announced the acquisition of Nate McLouth in a trade for three prospects. Mets fans immediately began wondering if the team would be better off signing […]

Poll Results: What To Do With Ollie?

Last week’s poll question was: What’s the best move to make with Oliver Perez? 67% of you thought he should go to the minors. 25% thought he should go to the bullpen. 8% thought he should go on the DL. There’s a new poll up now: In light of his PED suspension should Manny Ramirez […]

Last Week’s Poll Results

With Brian Schneider on the disabled list and Jerry Manuel showing a love for Omir Santos over Ramon Castro there’s a bit of a catcher controversy stirring up in Mets country. It came to a head last week against Florida when Manuel called for Santos to pinch hit for Castro with two outs and the […]

Perez Out Of Rotation But Where’s He Going?

After another poor outing Saturday the Mets have said that Oliver Perez will be removed from the starting rotation. Exactly where he will be going remains up in the air. There are two obvious options: move him to the bullpen or send him to the minors to work things out. Moving Perez to the bullpen […]

Schneider’s Return Delayed

Brian Schneider has developed a sore right calf and is unlikely to be activated when he is eligible to come off of the disabled list (Sunday, May 3). This will give the Mets some more time to make a decision on the Ramon Castro/Omir Santos issue. Castro is the incumbent number 2 catcher but Santos […]

Poll: How Does Santos Fit In?

Last week’s poll about what to do with Daniel Murphy saw 67% of respondents wanting Murphy to continue to play left field every day. 17% want him to platoon with Fernando Tatis and/or Gary Sheffield and another 17% want him sent to Buffalo to learn the position in a less pressured environment. This week’s poll […]

Poll: Should Murphy Play Every Day?

Daniel Murphy misplayed another 2 balls in left field last night and I’m beginning to wonder whether the Mets are doing the right thing by sticking with him every day in left field. Based on this post at The Mets Report I’m not alone. I don’t blame Murphy for the way he’s playing the position. […]