The Mets are 8.0 games out of first place.
Last updated: 09/30/2016 - 1:30 AM UTC


Time To Fire Fighting Tony Bernazard

If ever there was a time to fire Tony Bernazard this is it. The guy rumored to have been pulling the strings behind the scenes of the ridiculous Willie Randolph firing (not that Willie shouldn’t have been fired but it obviously went down badly) has finally hit the point of no return. According to Adam […]

Use The Asterisk

John Delcos is advocating use of the asterisk for players linked to steroids. Though I believe baseball should be doing more to remove the cheaters from the game I’m also smart enough to realize that it never will because it’s not in their best interest. (A government approved independent third party really should be handling […]

Harper on What Mets Should Do

John Harper writes in today’s New York Daily News that the Mets need to do something bold this off season to wash the taste of collapse out of their mouths. Harper suggest signing Alex Rodriguez and trading Jose Reyes for Johan Santana.

The Maine Man

John Maine showed last night why he should be on the All Star team in pitching to his 10th win of the season last night after being passed over for the second time as Roy Oswalt was selected to replace the injured John Smoltz in the mid summer classic. Maine has surpassed the high expectations […]