The Mets are 7.5 games out of first place.
Last updated: 09/29/2016 - 1:23 AM UTC

Off The Field

Minaya Extended?

Rumor has it that the Mets will give general manager Omar Minaya a four year contract extension. I’m tossed up about this move. On the one hand the Mets are a much better team than they were when Minaya took over. But, though you can’t directly blame him for last years collapse or this years […]

PETA Gets On Pedro

Yesterday’s news about Pedro Martinez and cockfighting got under the collar of PETA who issued a letter calling for Pedro to apologize. Pedro and the Mets released separate statements but neither issued an apology. Both said that cockfighting is legal and part of the culture in the Dominican Republic. Personally, though I don’t support cruelty […]

Pedro At The Cockfights

A video showing Pedro Martinez and Hall of Fame pitcher Juan Marichal serving as honorary “soltadores” at a cockfight in the Dominican Republic. “Soltadores” are those who release the animal at the start of the fight. Cockfighting is legal in the Dominican Republic so Pedro didn’t break a law. However considering it’s looked down upon […]

Glavine Visits White House

Today’s New York Post reports about (former?) Mets pitcher Tom Glavine‘s trip to the White House.

Pedro, Moises Help TS Noel Survivors

Pedro Martinez and Moises Alou have launched a fund raising campaign to help survivors of Tropical Storm Noel. They have made a series of public service announcements that will appear on SNY, and If you’d like to make a tax deductible contribution send a check payable to the New York Mets Foundation (mark […]

Wright on Daily Show

David Wright was a guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night and said all the right things. About the prospect of the Mets signing Alex Rodriguez Wright didn’t say anything earth shattering. He basically said that if the team wanted to talk with him about the subject he would be willing to […]

Jaramillo Possible Hitting Coach for Mets in 2008

Rumors surrounding the Willie Randolph’s coaching staff for next season have been starting to go around. There is no reason for Omar Minaya to have not already confirmed the coaches unless there was a change at hand. The most rumored story is that the Mets will add Texas Rangers hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo as the […]

Schoeneweis May Be Suspended

According to an AP article Scott Schoeneweis and the other players implicated in the Albany County investigation into possession of banned substances. It looks like 2008 may be the second season in a row that the Mets start with a suspended reliever. (Last season started with a 50 game suspension for Guillermo Mota.)

Queens is Burning

What a crazy day yesterday was. Rick Down was fired as hitting coach. Rickey Henderson was added to the coaching staff but to an unannounced position. He may be hitting coach but so may Howard Johnson who filled the duty last night as Henderson couldn’t get to New York from Oakland in time for the […]

Doc Released

After doing time for violating probation by using cocaine Dwight Gooden gets released from prison today. Good luck, Doc.