The Mets are 7.0 games out of first place.
Last updated: 10/01/2016 - 1:30 AM UTC

Mets in the News

Putz Never Took A Physical?!?!

News out of Chicago today has J.J. Putz saying he never took a physical with the Mets before being traded from the Mariners. In fact the first physical he took was the spring training physical that even a dead person could pass. In an article Putz says “I had the bone spur (in the right […]

Mets Preparing For Big Changes?

Lost in all the hoopla of game 1 of the World series was some news out of Mets camp. These are only rumors at this point but are expected to be announced as fact right after the series. The juicier story was reported by Jon Heyman of Heyman reports that the Mets have talked […]

Mets May Be Sued Over Madoff Profit

Remember last winter when Jeff Wilpon said that Sterling Equities’ accounts with Bernie Madoff wouldn’t affect team operations? Remember how we all scoffed at the remark? Turns out Jeff was right! According to a report on Bloomberg Sterling Equities actually made money from Madoff. Apparently the Mets widthdrew $570.5 million from their Madoff account after […]

ESPN 2009 National League Preview

Colbert Gets In On The Patch Bashing

Domino’s Replaces Citi?

The folks at have posted a story lampooning the corporate sponsorship of CitiField and the similarities between the CitiField and Domino’s Pizza logos.

Mets Patch Sucks

The images below are the patches that the Yankees and Mets will wear on their sleeves this season to commemorate the opening of their new stadiums. Once again the Yankees beat the Mets. The Mets season doesn’t even say what is being inaugurated! Get with it, Mets!

The Mets with the Golden Gloves

The Gold Glove award winners were announced last week and once again David Wright won the award at third base and Carlos Beltran won in the outfield. It is Wright’s second gold glove and Beltran’s third.

Manuel Back?

It looks like Jerry Manuel will be returning as manager of the Mets next season and beyond. I read on one of the other blogs this morning (I forget which one) that the sticking point in the negotiations was the length of the contract with the Mets reportedly offering 2 years and Manuel asking for […]

Minaya’s Extension Finalized

As expected, the Mets announced a contract extension for general manager Omar Minaya. The deal goes through 2012 and has club options for 2013 and 2014. Minaya said that he’s in negotiations to bring Jerry Manuel back to manage the club. He also said that he expects to pick up Carlos Delgado‘s option for next […]