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Delcos: When Is It Enough Regarding Burgos

I was going to write a post about Ambiorix Burgos today following the investigation in his involvement in a hit and run accident that left 2 women dead. (Police say Burgos was driving the SUV that hit the women.) John Delcos beat me to it on his NY Mets Report blog with a post he […]

Take the 7 Train on the Trade Deadline

Jessica Bader at Take the 7 Train posted a good primer to the trade deadline. It includes an explanation of how waiver trades work after the deadline and what the Mets and other NL East teams are looking for at the deadline.

Mets Today on John Maine

Great post on Mets Today yesterday on John Maine entitled “I Can Fix Maine in 10 Minutes“. Love the reference.

Mills on Randolph Firing

In a post on Mike’s Mets yesterday Dave Mills dissects the Willie Randolph firing. Dave comes to the same conclusion as me. It was the right move handled in the wrong way. Read the post to see all the parties Dave blames.

Manuel: Mets Fans Are Fertilizer

Before yesterday’s game Jerry Manuel made a comment likening Mets fans to fertilizer. I was going to write a nice post about this but then saw this one by Matthew Cerrone on Metsblog. It says exactly the same thing that I was going to say. So check it out.

Cerrone Talks With Seaver

Matthew Cerrone at Metsblog lives every Mets fan’s dream. See his interview with the great Tom Seaver here.

Mets Today: Leaderless Mets

Over at Mets Today Joe writes about the leaderless Mets. Joe is, of course, talking about the on field leaders. I tend to agree with his point.

Notes From A Day Off

The Mets have some tough decisions to make today. It looks like Moises Alou is ready to begin his season. The scare with his foot (where they thought he may have a fracture) has passed. But how will the team make room for Alou? Common thinking is that if Brian Schneider is ready to return […]

Mets Today on Bunting

Over at Mets Today Joe writes

Mets Notes

Fernando Martinez was re-assigned to minor league camp yesterday along with Tony Armas Jr., who actually just arrived in camp the other day because of visa problems. John Maine struck out 7 in 5 innings yesterday. It’s becoming more apparent that Duaner Sanchez is running out of time to prove himself and may, indeed, start […]