The Mets are in first place!
Last updated: 04/26/2015 - 12:36 AM UTC

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Delcos on Francoeur

I’ve always been a Jeff Francoeur fan and thought the Mets made a good deal when they acquired him for Ryan Church last year. Still, I realize that Francoeur’s career could hinge on his production this season. So does John Delcos on his New York Mets Report blog. You can read Delcos’ post here.

Book Review: Faith and Fear in Flushing

When I started this blog over 5 years ago (has it already been that long?) there were relatively few Mets related blogs around. The following year (2005) saw more blogs added to the roster and then things really took off to the point where as of this writing there are 56 active Mets related blogs […]

Wright Stache for Milledge

The Wright Stache is hopping on the bandwagon to make Lastings Milledge an All Star. Welcome aboard!

Mets Police: Madoff’s Season Tickets

The government is auctioning off Bernie Madoff’s season tickets for the Mets.Mets Police has an idea about what to do with these tickets. I think it’s a great idea.

HHR: ARod Cousin Suspects

I loved this post from the always entertaining Hugging Harold Reynolds Exactly the laugh I needed after watching the video of the last piece of Shea Stadium coming down.

Use The Asterisk

John Delcos is advocating use of the asterisk for players linked to steroids. Though I believe baseball should be doing more to remove the cheaters from the game I’m also smart enough to realize that it never will because it’s not in their best interest. (A government approved independent third party really should be handling […]

CitiField from PS3 in MLB:09 The Show

I saw this posted on Metsblog but felt the need to put it here too:

Hot Foot Welcomes The Bisons

In the latest installment at Hot Foot Andrew Beaton gives us a brief introduction to the Mets new AAA affiliate, the Buffalo Bisons.

HHR: Choking Hazard

In the absence of any real news I must post this link to an amusing post at Hugging Harold Reynolds. Hat tip to Hugging Harold Reynolds.

Delcos: When Is It Enough Regarding Burgos

I was going to write a post about Ambiorix Burgos today following the investigation in his involvement in a hit and run accident that left 2 women dead. (Police say Burgos was driving the SUV that hit the women.) John Delcos beat me to it on his NY Mets Report blog with a post he […]