The Mets are 8.5 games out of first place.
Last updated: 09/28/2016 - 1:20 AM UTC

Mets Media

Welcome Back, Maz

The Mets welcomed Lee Mazzilli back to the organization today. Not as a coach or manager but as the in studio analyst on pre and post game coverage on SNY.

TV Heads

The Mets new tv station, SportsNet New York, kicks off this afternoon (in most of our area anyway). Apparently the network is taking their ‘TV head’ ad campaign a step further. I nearly bumped into two people with TV heads on 7th Avenue this morning. The guys were nearly blind because they couldn’t see out […]

Robinson Got It Wrong Again

“A Cockeyed Optimist” has a post criticizing Mets announcer Ted Robinson for his anti-Matsui sentiment. I’m not a big fan of any of the Mets broadcast ‘talent’ nor am I a great Kazuo Matsui supporter. But this is a fair critique of Robinson.

Ted Robinson’s Head

I like watching the openings to Mets games on Fox Sports Net/MSG just to see Ted Robinson introduce the game. Not that I love his voice or intro but his facial expressions while he talks are incredible. I keep waiting for his eyes to pop out or his head to explode. Am I the only […]

Today’s Newsday

Newsday’s David Lennon has an interesting article in today’s edition about how 2004 is beginning to look a lot like 2003 for the Mets. He places a lot of blame on everyone’s favorite scapegoat Art Howe citing some of the same issues I wrote about yesterday.

Excellent Article About Rick Peterson

Today’s Star-Ledger has an excellent piece by David Waldstein discussing Rick Peterson’s approach to the game.

NY Post’s Andrew Marchand Getting Feisty

NY Post reporter Andrew Marchand is getting a bit feisty in his Mets reports. In today’s recap article of yesterday’s game he said the following of Steve Trachsel’s game:“Trachsel was aided by an Expos lineup that features such hitting luminaries as Matt Cepicky, Ron Calloway and Terrmel Sledge. Montreal has scored a grand total of […]

Bad Audio on Fox Sports Net

While I was watching the Mets-Expos game on Fox Sports Net tonight I couldn’t help but notice the horrible audio. The fan noise in the overpowered the commentators to the point where it was not easy to hear what was being said. Also the audio levels seemed to be in flux through the whole game. […]