Countdown to opening day 2018: days hrs min sec


Maine Flops

John Maine made his start last night and had me wishing he and Jorge Julio were not traded to the Mets for Kris Benson. That’s a pretty harsh statement but last night’s game really stunk.

Victor-y Is Ours

Víctor Zambrano had his best start of the young season yesterday. Not that the bar was set so high but his 6 inning, 5 hit and 1 run performance last night would have been a good start for anyone.

Mets Win in 11

It was the kind of game I’ve talked about on MostlyMets many times before. A character builder. A game where one event happens that deflates you but instead of folding you rise to the occassion and show the opponent who’s boss.

Back on Trach?

The Mets got a much needed win last night behind some good pitching and timely hitting. Steve Trachsel only mistake was Barry Bonds 710th career home run in the second inning. Beyond that Trachsel was solid.

Alou Plays Savior For Giants

My hatred of west coast night games has been discussed before so I won’t get into it now besides to say I hate them. Now that I got that out of the way… The Mets helped prove that Barry Bonds is not the only person on the Giants who can win games.

Wagner’s First Blown Save

I don’t have alot of time to write this morning so I’ll make this quick. Brian Bannister‘s first

More On Opening Day

I mentioned Cliff Floyd‘s outfield assist in throwing Alfonso Soriano out at the plate yesterday without having seen the play or hearing the audio. (My only knowledge of the play was from Yahoo’s GameChannel which I was using to ‘watch’ the game from work.) What I didn’t know and wouldn’t learn until I watched the […]