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Outfield Dimensions Are Not The Problem

Metsblog posted a story this morning about alleged internal discussion within the Mets organization regarding changing the color of the outfield wall at CitiField to the same blue color that the outfield wall at Shea Stadium had. Though I’d like to see this as well as some adjustment of the outfield dimensions (though not as […]

Francoeur: Poor David Wright

Jeff Francoeur‘s been quoted in several news outlets as saying that he feels bad for right handed hitters in general and David Wright specifically who have to play at CitiField. The main target of his derision, not surprisingly, is the deep right center field wall and tall wall along left field. “I’m not saying to […]

McCartney To Play CitiField

The first concert at CitiField will be given by one of the people who performed in one of the most significant concerts given at Shea Stadium. Paul McCartney, who played She with The Beatles in 1965, will be the opening show at CitiField on July 17 and 18. Cool.

CitiField Streaker Could Get Year In Jail

The CitiField streaker is finding that streaking is not as harmless as he expected. I guess he and his lawyer, who he claims to have consulted before his not so random act of stupidity, didn’t realize what the penalties were for such an act. The first penalty is a lifetime ban from CitiField. That’s tight, […]

First CitiField Streaker

During last night’s game fans got to see the first streaker take the field at CitiField. Andrew Vazzano of The ‘Ropolitans posted his own video of the event. Here’s another video of the streaker shot by a friend of the streaker: I don’t support this kind of behavior as it disturbs the flow of the […]

Padres Complain About Obstructed Views

In the latest episode of “obstructed views at CitiField” it appears that the Sand Diego Padres have filed a complaint with the league that the visiting bullpen has an obstructed view. (Hat tip to Mets Police at this post. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: in this age of ball park design […]

Gooden Signature To Be Erased

While visiting CitiField for the opening of the new stadium former Mets pitcher Dwight Gooden visited one of the many eateries in the new stadium to greet the fans. While there Gooden was asked to sign a wall of the Ebbets Club, found on the the first-base line. The former Cy Young winner obliged and […]

Top 5 Issues With CitiField

With 6 games under their belts at CitiField, Mets fans have had a fair chance to sample the new stadium and formulate their own opinions about it. I have not been to CitiField and do not know when I will have the chance (the issues of expense and personal scheduling conspire to make such trips […]

Colbert Gets In On The Patch Bashing

Domino’s Replaces Citi?

The folks at have posted a story lampooning the corporate sponsorship of CitiField and the similarities between the CitiField and Domino’s Pizza logos.