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Omar Minaya is Back?

The Mets hired Omar Minaya to be an Assistant General Manager? Really?

Mets Should Take Chance Sandoval

According to reports the Boston Red Sox have DFAed Pablo Sandoval. Sandoval has been lousy since going to the Red Sox in 2015 but he may be worth taking a chance on in this situation. Who knows how long it will be until David Wright is ready to play? And could Sandoval do any worse […]

Knicks: No Dolan Outcry

I must question my fellow Knicks fans celebrating the departure of Phil Jackson yesterday without a word of criticism about ownership. Don’t get me wrong. I understand why fans are happy with Jackson’s exit and I agree with the reasons to a certain extent. But why is there no protest about James Dolan? Last week […]

Don’t Give Up

Football wisdom: “Anything that can be done in the first half can be undone in the second half.”

RIP Pete Flynn

Mets Hall of Fame groundskeeper Pete Flynn passed away after a long illness.

Knicks: Blame Dolan, Not Just Jackson

Phil Jackson has been taking a lot of heat as president of the New York Knicks this year. But James Dolan may be more to blame.

Torre Agrees That Rizzo Broke Posey Rule

Joe Torre agrees with me that Anthony Rizzo broke the Buster Posey rule.

Posey Rule Tested With Rizzo-Hedges Collision

The application of the so-called Buster Posey rule is debated after a collision between Anthony Rizzo and Austin Hedges.

As It Should Be

News broke this morning that as part of the new collective bargaining agreement between MLP and the MLBPA the All-Star game will no longer determine which leagues representative in the World Series will have home field advantage as it has for the last 14 season. The rule was established to make the All-Star game more […]

Welcome Back, Cespedes

The signing of Yoenis Cespedes signals the start of the 2017 season. With this signing the Mets are saying they are looking at this season as one in which they will try to win as opposed to one in which they will rebuild. Cespedes gives the Mets the heavy bat in the middle of the […]