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Omar Minaya is Back?

Let me see if I’ve got this straight. Fire the GM because he spent too much money on free agents who didn’t pan out, depleted the minor league system because of his signing of those free agents, couldn’t keep the team healthy and drove the payroll sky high. Then, seven years later, re-hire him to help his successor, who you’ve already handcuffed by keeping his payroll low. I’m talking, of course, about the Mets’ hiring of former GM Omar Minaya as an Assistant General Manager.

I’m not saying that Sandy Alderson has done a perfect job. But he does have a decent track record of getting a lot done with very little monetary resource. I’m hoping that some of Minaya’s strengths will come to the fore and help Alderson but to me this sounds more like the Dolan’s hiring Isiah Thomas to a front office job with the Knicks.

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My understanding is that he was hired primarily to help out with scouting prospects – which in retrospect he was exceedingly good at doing. The Mets minor league system is in shambles. The last time the team assembled prospects was under Minaya. In that capacity, this actually might have been a good move.

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