Don’t Give Up

Watching football games with my son over the winter months I found myself imparting to him a lesson of the game. Whenever a team was losing by a wide margin at halftime he’d ask why I would want to continue watching the game. My response: “Anything that can be done in the first half can be undone in the second half.”

The baseball season has other factors that make it not equal to the football season (trade deadline, waivers, options, etc.) but I find it hard to count a team out just because we’re nearly halfway through. No matter how unlikely this team is to turn it around I just can’t give up yet. I understand and support the idea of unloading some players as the trade deadline approaches and that that includes building toward future seasons & likely giving up on this one. But we’re only about halfway through the season and when (if?) many of the injured players return I don’t see much reason to be any less optimistic about the win potential of this team (even though I know it will be too late to make a playoff berth by then).


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