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News broke this morning that as part of the new collective bargaining agreement between MLP and the MLBPA the All-Star game will no longer determine which leagues representative in the World Series will have home field advantage as it has for the last 14 season. The rule was established to make the All-Star game more competitive but it was a silly rule to have in place for an exhibition game. Home field advantage in the World Series will now go to the pennant winning team with the better regular season record.

This actually fixes two bad rules in one move. First, obviously, the relationship of meaningful games being determined by an exhibition game. But second is the determination of home field advantage in the World Series.

Even before the All-Star game rule the rule for determining home field advantage in the World Series was broken. Through 2002 home field was rotated between both leagues (American and National) every year. This is almost as silly as the All-Star game rule and was actually unfair to teams that achieved better win-loss records on their way to the World Series.

With this rule change home field advantage in the World Series will go to the team that actually earns it. This move is good for competition and good for the game.

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