Davis Hiding Injury Irksome

I root for Ike Davis. Like any other member of the Mets I want him to succeed. But then the New York Post breaks a story about how Davis hid an injury and it upsets me.

The injury, to his oblique, occurred while he was struggling early last season and was on the verge of being demoted to AAA. Davis said he hid the injury because he didn’t want people to think he was using it as an excuse for his struggles. This excuse upsets me more than the act of hiding the injury.

Baseball is a team sport. When a player is hurt he owes it to his team, whether he is struggling or not, to be as honest as possible to the team medical staff, manager and front office about the injury. Even if the injury is not how his struggles started he owes it to all these people to make sure he is healthy because an injury will inhibit his efforts to get out of his funk and damage the teams chances of winning.

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Yes, irksome. But not as irksome as the Mets not inquiring or insisting on a medical exam as is their right. Ball players often try to mask or hide injuries. You have to expect that as management. But if there was any indication it has to be investigated and if their training staff didn’t know, that is on the Mets medical personnel. Again.

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