Fun Again… At Least For Two Nights

I haven’t posted much this season because there really hasn’t been much to write about. Sure, if I were a professional writer I’d find what to write about but I do this for fun and not for work. But after the last two nights there is finally something fun to write about. Back to back come from behind wins against a team the Mets have no business beating.

This is not as much about beating the Yankees as some may think. I posted a year or two ago about how I don’t view the Yankees as a rival. The Yankees play in the American league so they’re competing in the standings with a whole other group of teams than the Mets contend with in the National league. The fact that they’re in different leagues also leads to the teams playing a minimal number of games against each other and those are the only times they are direct rivals. Yes, the games are fun and capture our attention more but these teams are really not rivals.

Anyway, the Mets came back from a 1-0 hole two nights in a row to beat a better team 2-1. In the second game they managed to beat a pitcher in a way he had never been beaten before. Mariano Rivera had never lost a game in a save situation without recording an out and he’s likely to never do it again. This does not make the Mets a better team than they were a few days ago but these were exciting games and made this team fun to watch again even if it was just a couple of nights.

But these games also showed more about what the Mets are lacking. Ike Davis continues to struggle. Ruben Tejada also continued his bad play which is now spreading to his fielding. Both of these guys would be given some time off if the Mets had anybody worth playing in their spots. And let’s not forget how thin the outfield is.

Anyway, let’s take some time to enjoy these wins but not too long. Next up is two more games against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium so this feeling may not last.

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I am shocked at the defensive lapses of Ruben Tejada

And once again they wasted a wonderful start by Matt Harvey.

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