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Should Ike Davis Go To AAA?

There’s a lot of talk lately about Ike Davis possibly being sent to the minors due to his current slump. Honestly I would have no problem with this if not for one issue.

Davis proved something to me last season when he managed to hit 32 home runs. But he struck out 141 times too. Until he learns to be more disciplined at the plate he will continue to be a liability more than an asset at the plate. Am I surprised his batting average is as low as it currently is (.149 before today’s game)? Yes. But his .227 in 519 at bats last year should have been an indicator that he still needs major work. If all things were equal I would have put him in AAA to start last year and kept him there until he proved to me that he could cut down on the strikeouts and bring his average up to a non embarrassing level.

Unfortunately not all things are equal and the Mets have very few (if any) options at first base. Rotating guys like Lucas Duda and Justin Turner at first is not a good solution.

And there is the problem. If Davis goes down there’s nobody in the organization who could man first base in a passable manner until such time Davis proves himself worthy of the position (which could take a while). So Ike must stay because there’s no other solution.

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