Heed The Past With Dickey

The 2011 season brought the Mets a pleasant surprise in the emergence of R.A. Dickey. The knuckleballer defied the odds by winning 20 games and collecting Cy Young award honors.

As pleasant as that is it also brings the Mets a dilemma: to sign or not to sign.

Dickey had been an above average pitcher since joining the Mets in 2010. Considering the teams’ losing ways 19-22 with a 3.08 ERA in his first 2 seasons with the team can be looked at as excellent. Add the Cy Young season and his stock rises even higher.

But there’s a problem here. Dickey has a career ERA of 3.98 which is made better by his numbers with the Mets. Has he hit the top of his ability? Can he sustain this kind of performance? And, at 38, how long can he continue to pitch (especially in the National League)?

Dickey will command top dollar but considering the above I can’t see how he’d be worth it. Although he’s coming off a career season his performance is bound to normalize.

The Mets are best to learn from experience. Don’t pay top dollar for a player coming off a career year. This mistake has bitten them in the past (remember Bobby Bonilla?). They can’t afford to have it happen again.

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Are you actually comparing RA Dickey to Bobby Bonilla? Dickey has succeeded in New York, Bonilla did not. Dickey is at his peak now. And honestly has been consistent for 3 years. He is not a risk in that respect. There are compelling arguments to both signing and trading him: Signing him is signing a proven player who does not wilt under pressure and strengthens the strength of the team. Trading him: Allows the team to (with smart scouting) add pieces that could become valuable down the line and at a time when the Mets have a better chance to succeed than they will throughout the remainder of Dickey’s likely career expectancy. I would make a substantial offer, but I would not break the bank for him. (Not that the Mets ever do).

I’m only comparing Dickey to Bonilla in that Dickey is at a point where he will never be this good again just as Bonialla was when the Mets signed him away from the Pirates.

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