Market Definition of Wright’s Value

Just in time for the holiday season we finally have an estimate of David Wright‘s dollar value on the market. This comes courtesy of the Tampa Bay Rays and Evan Longoria.

Longoria signed an extension through the 2022 season giving him 10-years worth $136.6 million. The extension is actually worth $16.7 million a year (starting in 1017) and when matched up with other contracts recently signed by third basemen, such as Ryan Zimmerman ($16.6 million per), and we arrive at the mid to upper $16 million range. That is exactly what the Mets have been rumored as offering.

Is Wright worth that kind of money? He’s at a different stage of his career than Longoria, who is younger and arguably a better player. The Mets also need more improvement in other areas than the Rays do and may not be able to spend as much (or commit as long) to one player. But he’s also coming off a good year that will push his value up.

I don’t really have a conclusion to the question of what Wright will or should get but it’ll be interesting to see how the situation plays out.

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