Hit Braun = Hit Wright?

People are talking a lot about Terry Collins taking David Wright out of last night’s game as well as Wright’s reaction. Honestly I’ve been waiting to see Wright behave that way for years.

For those who don’t know what happened: After a solo home run by Rickie Weeks in the seventh inning Mets reliever D.J. Carrasco hit Ryan Braun (don’t call me Lloyd) with a pitch. Though both Carrasco and catcher Mike Nickeas said it was not intentional Collins feared reprisal by the Brewers pitcher the next time Wright would come to the plate.

Why Wright? Because Wright is the Mets best player and the Brewers best player, Braun, had gotten hit. You hit my best guy I’ll hit yours. Tit for tat. Very simple.

Collins, knowing it was coming, took Wright out of the game. Collins had the right idea. The game was already a lost cause with the Mets down 8-0 and why risk Wright getting injured (getting hit in the hands or the head) in such a situation?

For his part, Wright was visibly upset about being taken out of the game. And this made me proud. Though Wright acknowledged after the game that it was “heat of the moment” stuff it was nice to see his fire. He wanted to take the at bat knowing that he was going to get hit. He wanted to show his team that he’s the leader everyone says he is.

I’ve always been a Wright fan but have always felt he was too quiet. Not fiery enough to be a proper leader on a teams that have lacked that kind of fiery personality all teams need. The Mets haven’t had a fiery personality on the team since Paul Lo Duca. Last night Wright showed me that that fire can be there when needed.

Though I agree with Collins’ decision to take Wright out of the game last night I can’t help but wonder if that’s just staving off the inevitable. These two teams don’t play again until September so I’m sure Collins is hoping this incident will be dead and buried by then. But baseball players have long memories. What if it’s not put aside? What if it just festers? Wouldn’t Wright end up in the same situation in September?

One thing for sure, if Wright is hit in September there will be suspensions. I just hope there’s no injury.

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