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Booing Reyes Was Wrong

I don’t get it. I must be missing something. As I was growing up I was always taught to say thank you. So why was such a big deal made of the Mets video tribute to Jose Reyes before last night’s game, his first game back at CitiField since signing with the Florida Marlins? Why all the booing when he was introduced?

I totally understand that people feel slighted by how he left the Mets. Signing the big contract the first chance he got. Slamming the door on the organization he came up with. But nobody is asking Mets fans to like him and/or root for him anymore. A simple ‘thank you for all you did while you were here’ was all the Mets were giving him with the video tribute. And it wouldn’t have been much for fans to have similarly given him a thank you with a quick cheer before the game.

Another lesson I was taught as a kid was that if you don’t have anything nice to say you shouldn’t say it. Those fans who didn’t want to cheer should have just stayed silent instead of booing.

Of course, once the game began all bets were off. Reyes is an opponent now, after all, and you don’t root for the opponent.

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