Enjoy It While It Lasts

The Mets are a mess and it’s my fault. This year I have watched 4 Mets games live (as opposed to watching on DVR or just highlights on various sportscasts). Three of those games are the Mets 3 losses so far on the season. In the fourth game the Mets were losing while I watched and then came from behind to win late in the game when I had stopped watching.

I jest, of course. Not that the Mets are without their problems (I have some sharp criticisms of the way David Wright‘s fractured pinky is being handled by the team) but to be 6-3 nine games into the season is a good start. I don’t think anybody expected that record before the season began.

So enjoy this record before it goes south. With the start of a 3 game series against an Atlanta Braves team that’s playing a whole lot better than they were in the opening series of the season the Mets could start meeting that expectation pretty soon.

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