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Opening Day Springs Eternal

Opening day is nearly upon us. In fact tomorrow at this time the Mets season will have already begun. This excites me. Not because I’m a Mets fan but because I’m a baseball fan.

Opening day is always exciting to me because everything starts anew and anything can happen. It doesn’t matter what your team did last season because they all start fresh. Expectations don’t matter either because every season has it’s surprise teams and who’s to say the Mets can’t be one of them.

Likewise it doesn’t matter that Kentucky won the NCAA basketball championship. The Yankees (who have won the World Series every time Kentucky has won the NCAA) are no lock to win. It’s why they play they games.

I’m not going to get into comparing the Mets to other teams. I won’t go into position by position analysis. None of it really matters to me right now.

Looking at the Mets roster I see some players I expect a lot from and others I don’t expect very much from. I see a team that, if everyone plays to their ability and stays mostly healthy, can be competitive. I’m not saying their going to win many games but that they can be competitive in almost every game they play. (There’s a big difference.)

I know that there are many places you can look to find a more detailed look at the team than that and that’s ok. The main point for me is not to do in depth analysis but to enjoy the games. Statistical analysis is great and has a place in sports arguments but it shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying the game.

Anyway, I hope everyone is looking forward to watching games that count as I am. Maybe we’ll be watching the Mets play in more games that count this year than the last few. It’s only opening day so you never know.


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