Wright Needs A New Six Pack

There are many injury worries in Mets camp this year (which seems to be par for the course for recent Mets camps) but the one that seems to be talked about the most lately is the one suffered by David Wright. Wright was in New York so team doctors could get a better look and give him a cortisone shot yesterday. They’re calling the injury a torn rectus abdominis muscle.

The key word in this diagnosis is torn. Muscles that are torn don’t mend on their own very well when you’re pushing your body like a professional athlete does. In fact Baltimores Nick Markakis had the same injury last season and had offseason surgery to repair it.

This injury will definitely nag Wright throughout the season. The question is how much will he be able to play with it? Markakis had the surgery in January and is still about a week away from playing the field (he’s scheduled to start DHing some time this week). I understand not getting the surgery now (he’d end up missing at least half the season if he did) but that means another season of Wright not being quite right (another bad Wright/right pun).

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