Goodbye, Jose!

I was going to write something about the Jets today (and I still may) but then the Jose Reyes news broke and I feel I must comment about it.

I suppose Reyes’ departure is no surprising but that doesn’t change the emotional reactions we’re all going through over this news. Yes, he’s probably the best leadoff hitters and among the most exciting players currently in the major leagues. For this he will be missed by Mets fans who have enjoyed watching him play all these years when there has not been much else to cheer about in Flushing.

But at the same time I don’t fault him for leaving. With the Mets he’s been setting the table for what? Outside of David Wright there has been no other player consistently in the lineup to help push Reyes across when he’s done his thing. Add to that the financial instability and almost perpetual state of rebuilding the club has been in during the 9 years since his debut (let’s get real, the Mets were only in contention for 2 or 3 years during that span) and who could blame him?

He’s going to a team that has made a renewed effort to attract good players. They’ve got a new name (not really but that’s what they say), a new stadium and, apparently, a new payroll. What’s not to like?

No, I don’t blame Reyes for leaving. And the financial issues not withstanding his departure could be a good lesson for the Mets. That lesson: it’s time. Time to move on from the past future of Reyes and Wright as the cornerstones of this team. Time to eschew the strategy of “if we could only find the right players to put around these two”. It’s time for a fresh start. Does that include Wright? I don’t know. But Reyes has made up his mind that it doesn’t include him.

Good luck, Jose.

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That new payroll is supported by forecasted ticket sales that may or may not be there. I sure hope it isn’t there.

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