On Bobby V. and the Red Sox

So it appears that Bobby Valentine is the front runner for the Boston Red Sox managerial job. Good for him and for them. I wish them all the best.

Though I don’t mean the above facetiously (I’ve been known to have a dark sense of humor sometimes but I’m not mean) I’ll be happy to see Bobby V. wearing someone else’s uniform if for no other reason than it will finally end the idea of him reprising the role of Mets manager (at least for a while).

I appreciate what Valentine has meant to the Mets organization and fans. His contributions as a coach on Davey Johnson’s coaching staff in the early/mid 1980s helped make those teams among the best of their time and certainly the best in Mets history. And managing the Mets to their last Word Series appearance cements his place in Mets lore.

But that ship has sailed. I have no interest in having a Mets version of Billy Martin. As sentimental and nostalgic as I am this is one piece of the past that is best left there.

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