Missing Playoffs Is Not A Big Deal In 2011

Every publication (print and electronic) that covers the Mets has a mention of the fact that the team was mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yesterday. I’m trying to figure out why this is so noteworthy.

Coming into the season the goal of this year was to rebuild. Shed some big contracts, develop some younger talent and bring a new attitude to the team. Nobody was talking about playoffs. I’d say the goals have been accomplished.

With the pre-season cuts of Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo the Mets were on their way to cutting payroll. The mid season trades of Francisco Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran kept them on that track.

The emergence of players like Justin Turner, Ruben Tejada and Lucas Duda as serviceable players (I know, not superstars by any means) puts them on track on the player development goal.

The attitude? Manager Terry Collins has brought some fire to the team. Through most of the season the team was playing above their level due to this intangible.

As a fan I start every season rooting for my team to win the world series. As a realist I know a bad team when I see one and set my sites on other accomplishments. As far as those accomplishments go I’d say the Mets have done a pretty good job in this development year. I’d say they’re still 2 years away from being a contender (2013 will be a good year if 2011 proves to be the stepping stone I think it will be) but they’ve made some strides and given the fans something to look forward to next year.

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