Alderson Hired As Mets GM

Though it hasn’t been made official the rumor mill has it that the Mets have hired Sandy Alderson to replace Omar Minaya as the team’s new general manager. Alderson gives the Mets instant credibility with a World Series championship under his belt and the respect of other general managers around the league. (I just hope he was hired for his credentials and not because a tired Fred Wilpon thought he was hiring Sandy Koufax. insert rimshot here.)

Ted Berg of has a great post on his TedQuarters blog describing his feelings on the matter. Berg’s thoughts echo mine so well that I won’t write too much here for fear of being redundant.

Suffice it to say that I’m satisfied with this hiring. I think it will bring some semblance of order to what has been a chaotic atmosphere. It also gives me a feeling that the person in the GMs chair actually knows what he’s doing. I don’t mean that as a kick to Minaya while he’s already down but Minaya lost a lot of credibility with me when he brought back Jerry Manuel as manager after the 2008 season. Though Manuel wasn’t as much to blame for not making the playoffs in 2008 as (arguably) Willie Randolph was for the collapse in 2007 I felt removing the interim tag from his title was the beginning of the end for Minaya. (Or maybe the way the Randolph firing was executed was the beginning of the end.) I didn’t have as much confidence in him after that as I had before.

Alderson’s first steps in his new position will not be easy. He’ll need to pick a new manager who echoes his own baseball philosophies, figure out how to unload overpaid, underachieving Luis Castillo & a lockerroom cancer with an ego in Oliver Perez and untangle the knotted mess that is the pitching staff. (Not to mention deal with John Ricco in a way that makes him feel better after having been passed over for the general manager position he coveted and has been filling on an interim basis. I know from personal experience that being hired from the outside when there was a viable candidate inside can make for a sticky situation sometimes.)

Sure the team has a long way to go. It could take a few years to bring this team back to respectability. But with Alderson at the helm I feel a step has been taken in the right direction.

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