Fire The Training Staff!

If ever there was an excuse to fire the Mets training staff it was last night when Jose Reyes was removed from the game in the second inning after tweaking his oblique injury. The Mets have called it “mild” but Reyes will be shut down until he is pain free.

The fact that Reyes was removed after tweaking a previous injury would not be a big deal if taken out of context. But you’d think the training staff would learn from experience. That experience can be taken from the entire team over the last couple of years but can also be taken from Reyes alone. Reyes has come back from injuries three times over the last two seasons only to aggravate the original injury.

Furthermore Reyes said after last night’s game that the pain from the original oblique injury, suffered around the All Star break, never fully subsided. Why is a player allowed to play if the pain from an injury that was suffered over a six weeks ago has not gone away?

Obviously Reyes was playing in large part because he wanted to play. A player with his enthusiasm was probably lobbying to get back into the lineup the day after the injury occurred. But the training staff is not there to cater to the players desires. They’re there to be sure the players are healthy which serves the players careers as well as the team. Playing it fast and loose by letting a player play when his injury has not properly healed serves neither player nor team.

I understand the idea of playing through the pain. I also understand that some injuries simply nag for months and can be played with. This injury probably falls into both of these categories but is hard to accept given the fact that this kind of thing seems to happen so often with this training staff.

I know I’m repeating the obvious but something must be done to improve the handling of injuries on this team. The current training staff is clearly not getting it done.

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