Fred Wilpon Is An Ass

Fred Wilpon is an ass. When asked today if Omar Minaya will be the Mets GM next season Wilpon responded “Is the sun going to come up tomorrow?”.

Oh, he’s not an ass for keeping Minaya as GM (or maybe he is, but that’s a different rant). It’s the way he answered the question. While I realize he was giving emphatic yes couldn’t he given us just that? An emphatic yes?

I understand the silliness of the question. I mean, what owner is going to answer “no” to that question unless a move had already been made and was about to be announced? (I bet Mike Puma is collecting high fives from his New York Post colleagues for getting a scoop despite the silliness of the question.) But why the wise crack? As a Mets fan I find his response an insult.

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