Changing Managers Now Won’t Help

As optimistic as I try to be I have to believe that the Mets season is over. I don’t think we need to wait and see what happens on this road trip to call it.

We Mets fans certainly know how badly a team with a 7.5 game lead in August must play to lose the division. (As an aside I don’t usually say that teams that don’t win the division have lost it. But when you blow a lead similar to how the Mets did in 2007 you have lost the division.) And no managerial/coaching change, whether it’s Bob Melvin, Bobby Valentine or Wally Backman, can provide enough spark to propel the team to win (and their rivals to lose) enough to overtake such a lead.

No, it’s time to think of next year. Don’t make any changes right now. Decide who’s going to be your general manager next year (I’d approve a reassignment of Omar Minaya) and let him hire a new manager/coaching staff. Release Oliver Perez, whose refusal of a minor league assignment has brought the team to the 24+1 situation they refused to put themselves into when Alex Rodriguez wanted to come to the team only without the benefit of Hall of Fame caliber numbers/ability. Likewise release Next, Luis Castillo, who is taking up a roster spot that is better filled by a younger player, should be released. (Daniel Murphy should have never been moved to LF/1B.) Take the financial hit of cutting these players to allow new blood to come in as well as send a message to the players that they’re either with the program or they’re out.

I’m not sure where to go after that but it’s certainly a start

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