Perez Ready To Help? I Think Not

I was reading David Waldstein‘s post in the Bats blog about the return of Oliver Perez to active duty for the Mets. I had some trouble getting past the first paragraph. It had nothing to do with the writing but everything to do with what was said.

The paragraph ended as follows:

He threw in the bullpen before the game and told reporters that he was ready to help the Mets in any way they requested.

This clashes with what is actually happening.

Before being put on the disabled list Perez was refusing a minor league assignment designed to allow him to work out his problems as a starting pitcher. Instead Perez wanted to remain in the majors where he would be relegated to mop up duty. I understood Perez’s point of view even though I disagreed with it.

Now, after a stay on the DL and a minor league rehab assignment in which he didn’t perform very well, he’s back on the team and relegated to lefty specialist and mop up duty. The team is clearly trying to keep him out of harms way which will limit his innings and his chances of working out his issues. The team is clearly done with him after his previous refusal to work things out at Buffalo. The only thing keeping them from letting him go is his contract.

If Perez was really ready to help the Mets in any way they requested he wouldn’t be buried in the bullpen. He’d be working on his stuff on a regular schedule as a starting pitcher in the minors. That’s what’s best for the team as well as for his chances of returning to a starting rotation in the major leagues (with the Mets or anyone else).

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