RIP George Steinbrenner

Who would have thought I’d write two consecutive posts about Yankee related personalities passing away? I surely didn’t. Yesterday I wrote about world class public address announcer Bob Sheppard’s death. Today it’s owner George Steinbrenner.

Steinbrenner succumbed to a massive heart attack this morning. After suffering the heart attack he was rushed to the hospital and died shortly thereafter. (Details are still sketchy as the story is breaking while I’m writing this.)

Steinbrenner was loved and hated by baseball fans all over the country. His quick hook with his managers and spending habits with free agents helped shape the landscape of the business of baseball today. He was often criticized by fans and media alike for his questionable moves and was even made fun of in one of my favorite Saturday Night Live Weekend Update sketches.

But the thing about Steinbrenner that no one can deny is that everything he did, from Billy Martin to Yogi Berra to Reggie Jackson and so on, he did because he believed it would help the Yankees win. His commitment to winning and doing everything he could to build a winner is what he should be remembered for the most.

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Here’s a little something to remember him. My favorite Steinbrenner pic. Kind of embodies him for both the good and the bad. Steinbrenner as Napoleon:

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