Ollie May Rip This Team Apart

Can things get any crazier in the Oliver Perez saga?

The Mets have asked Ollie to go to the minors twice and he has refused both times saying that he doesn’t see how facing minor league competition would benefit him. The Mets cannot unilaterally send Perez down due to provisions in the collective bargaining agreement. Perez must agree to go down.

I don’t know who is advising Perez but they’d best clue him in on how going to the minors has nothing to do with the level of competition. It has to do with going somewhere with less pressure so he can concentrate on fixing whatever is wrong with his mechanics.

So instead of going down to the minors to work on his stuff Perez will remain in the majors where all he’ll get is some rare mop up duty and plenty of bullpen work. If you go with Perez’s angle on the level of competition it seems to me that minor league competition would be better than no competition at all.

Add to this that other players have allegedly said he is hurting the team. You have to wonder how many people feel this way and how it reflects on team chemistry.

Ollie can keep going on about how nothing is wrong and he doesn’t need to go anywhere to right himself. But he’s got to realize that the longer he refuses to go down the worse the effect he will have on the team.

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