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Orioles Fire Trembley, Promote Samuel

When I saw the news that the Orioles fired manager Dave Trembley my reaction was to laugh. The Orioles have bigger problems than the manager so making this kind of change right now has limited importance. (Ken Rosenthal at has written a column about what the Orioles need to get back on track.) The […]

Poor Armando Galarraga

Poor Armando Galarraga. He pitched a game that was among the best ever the other day. But it wasn’t quite perfect. That was determined when umpire Jim Joyce blew a call at first base that would have been the 27th out. A lot has been said about Joyce’s blown call the other day. People are […]

Ollie May Rip This Team Apart

Can things get any crazier in the Oliver Perez saga? The Mets have asked Ollie to go to the minors twice and he has refused both times saying that he doesn’t see how facing minor league competition would benefit him. The Mets cannot unilaterally send Perez down due to provisions in the collective bargaining agreement. […]